Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nate the Great

My goodness, where has time gone? First and most importantly, Nate is still cancer free and doing wonderful!!! He had his test completed in May and all was free and clear of cancer. He is now on yearly check-ups! Praise the Lord for His goodness and continually answering our prayers. Now, let's talk about that cute boy...

He turned 4 in July and got his first bike for his birthday. He rides like a pro! We took a vacation to the beach this summer and he loved every minute of it...he is a beach bum at heart just like Nathan and I. And his biggest accomplishment is that he has started K-4 and is doing wonderfully. He has loved it and he loves his teacher. He enjoys learning, so this has been so great for him. On the first day he was very apprehensive, as was I, but he soared right through and wanted to go back!!!! I asked him if he asked any questions that day and he said, "yes, I asked my teacher when we were going to the playground." LOL! He was making sure the important questions were answered on the first day.

Please keep praying for the little guy when he comes to mind. He is a blessing to us and we love getting laughs from him. I end this with one funny story...

About 2 months ago we were on our way home and out of the blue Nate says, "Do you remember those underwear you got for Christmas'? (My brother Matthew made me a pocket book out of underwear. He put wooden handles on it and sewed the legs closed...yes, only Matthew would make such a great gift.) I said "yes. Why"? Nate continues to say, "That was actually a really nice gift." I said "It was"? "Yes, because when I am big like daddy I can wear them!!!" It was one of those moments I wanted to laugh so hard, and yet he was so sincere I didn't want to embarrass him. He can be too cute!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Still doing wonderful!

Nate had his ultrasound, chest x-ray, and blood work completed about 2 weeks ago and everything looked GREAT! It is always such an answer to prayer when we hear that news. He's a little sick today with a cough and fever and he keeps asking me when he is going to feel better. Poor little guy. He is getting so big. Sometimes I just look at him in disbelief that he has gotten so tall. Why do they have to grow up? He is such a helper with his sister and picking up his toys and helping daddy do projects. He loves to help! He keeps us laughing daily. The other day we were praising Natalie on how smart she is b/c she brought Nathan the dust pan when he was sweeping. So, Nate pops his head in the dining room and says, "Well, she's not that smart. She doesn't know how to put the ornaments on the Christmas tree yet." Oh my! He is little mess at times. Continue to pray for him and that the cancer will stay away forever. I'll end this blog with a special story.
Dec. 5th Nathan was putting Nate to bed and Nate asked Nathan about heaven. Nathan said that when people ask Jesus in their hearts then they will go to heaven to live with Jesus. Nate said he wanted to go to heaven and asked Nathan to ask Jesus for him. Nathan told him that only he can ask Jesus in his heart. So Nate prayed all by himself and said, "Jesus come into my heart and stay for a long, long, long time." Nate doesn't understand all the concepts of salvation, but I praise the Lord for his tender heart. God is Good!
Nathan and Sarah

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Already October...

(Pics: 9/07 Caleb (cousin, best buddy) and Nate swimming; Caleb and Nate responding to "Show me your tough guy.")

Things here continue to stay busy. Nate is doing wonderful. We think we found the reason for Nate's temper tantrums. There is something in Tylenol cold and possibly Benadryl that does not agree with Nate. He was taking the Tylenol while he was sick, even though we only gave it to him one to two times a day, it still bothered him. I figured it out after one evening I gave him Benadryl b/c I was out of his allergy med. That next morning was a disaster. Though, it takes me while to learn my lesson and live in denial. I gave him the same medicine again on a different occasion and...yes, a disaster. I have now learned my lesson!! Thank you for your prayers. He is such a sweet boy.
My heart broke the other night for him. I was taking him to Cubbies at church Wed. night and on the way there he started saying he did not want to go. I thought he was being difficult and I just kept talking about other things. When we got there, he had his hands in his mouth (what he does when he is nervous) and was just shaking his head no. I finally decided it might be good to ask him why the change of heart. He said "because I only have this many friends (he holds up one finger) and I need this many friends ( holds up five fingers)." I just wanted to hug him and tell him he could stay with me forever!!!!! I didn't force him to go, but I called my sister in law and asked if she would bring the girls to Cubbies...they are a little too young, but Nate needs his friends. :) Praise the Lord for family! I get often get picked on b/c I don't want to send Nate to school until he is five. I mean, he is going to be there for the next 16+ years of his life... why the rush??? After Wed. night's event, I am thinking I may never send him to school and that education is over rated!!! (just kidding...kind of) I will cut the umbilical cord someday...though not today. ;)
Thank you for your continual prayers. God is Good and His protection over our family is a undeserved daily blessing.
Large, Medium, Small and X-Small Smoke

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pray for the Runde family

I had mentioned in a previous blog about James Runde. He was a five year old boy with neuroblastoma. The Lord took him home Sept. 17th, 2007. Please pray for his parents, grandparents, and all the extended family.
Love, Sarah

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nate Turned Three!!

Just an update

Hi there! We hope you are doing well. Summer has been busy and more busy. Nate is still doing great. All of his latest scans and test have been cancer free. He had a rough week, two weeks ago, with sickness. We prayed it was not cancer related and it seemed to have been just a virus that did not want to leave and caused him a lot of abdominal pain. He then ended up with pink eye during the sickness and that has finally subsided. He is still not quite himself. He continues to have irrational fits that last for about an hour. Sometimes he has several a day and sometimes just one a day. We have tried different methods to try to correct these fits, from discipline to holding him and helping him feel secure. None have worked. We are not sure of the problem. He had these fits about year ago and we took him off of dairy products and that helped. We are thinking of taking him to an allergist to see if something is aggravating him. I know, you are reading this and probably thinking, "goodness, he is three, they call them temper-tantrums!" Yes, we have thought of that, but these have over exceeded the bounds of temper-tantrums. There is something strange about the way he acts and the fact that there is no consoling him. It is difficult not to get frustrated. We just keep our cool or we would be joining him in the me, it's very tempting! Thank you for praying for him. Please add this request to your prayers. Also please pray for young boy James Runde. He is from our area. He has cancer and his latest test have been heart breaking. His web site is They are a wonderful Christian family that need prayer! Please have others pray for his healing and for strength for his family. Thank you and have a wonderful week.
Love, The Smokes

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Check up in May

Hi there. I have probably lost all the viewers of this blog due to my poor ability to post. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, but somehow it seems to be working now.
Well, truly not much has happened, which is wonderful! Nate does return for his scans May 15th. We continue to pray there is no signs of cancer. He will periodically say his stomach hurts, or he will show signs of anxiety and want to latch on to Nathan or I and not leave our side. It would scare me at first b/c I have heard people say when the child seems unstable that can be a sign of relapse. But you know, I couldn't go through life worrying that everything that seemed a bit atypical was relapse. So I had to give it to the Lord and remember that He has healed my son and also remember he is a 2 year old, everything they do seems a bit unstable!! Nate is doing wonderful though. He is a true comedian and is obsessed with his muscles. He ask me to feel them about 10 times a day and he wants me to tell him they are BIG! He then tells me they are big b/c he eats his vegetables and broccoli. He loves his sister and she is in awe of everything he does. He is a special little guy. One funny little thing he said the other day...We are in the end times of potty training and he had just used the potty and I said, "yea Nate, we are almost potty trained!" He got all excited and said, "Where's the potty train!?" So literal at times. Well, thank you all for your continued prayer. God is Good and His mercies are new EACH day.
Love, Nathan and Sarah